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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

How to start an Ice Cream Business in Nigeria

How many times has it occurred to you perhaps when on a date to treat your guest to some tasty and romantic ice cream delight?

Don’t ask me what I think just put the question to young ladies who want to be pampered or kids who are out with their folks what they think of ice cream and you’ll get the idea. It’s a lucrative business because there is proven demand for the product the key however to turning a profit is if you can overcome the cost of providing power supply and have a suitable location that doesn’t cost too much to go with it.

There are quite a number of ideas you can play around with on how to market your business and attract new customers but just keep in mind that like all businesses innovation is what will give you an edge in a competitive market place.

There are many varieties of ice cream people love to savour

How you’ll make your money selling Ice Cream

These are some ways in which you can quietly make your money from this business:

-         Selling directly from your stand to potential customers
-         Outdoor/catering for parties and events
-         Special deliveries to homes and offices

Start up Equipments and Costs

Ice Cream making machine – N180,000
Refrigerator/Freezer – N50,000
Furniture – N50,000
Rent – N60,000
Gen set – N40,000
Others – N250,000
Total = N630,000

Want to start an ice cream business in Nigeria and need a comprehensive business plan call me: 0803 206 4106 or email me: paulonwueme@gmail.com [Serious enquiries only please]

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